Congratulations to my client Chris R. for landing a job at Expedia!

Chris was in between jobs, knowing where she wanted to go but not really understanding how to get there, feeling very uneasy.  

Chris had a variety of skills such as business development, project management, and marketing (agency side only).  She chose marketing on the corporate, or client side, as her career objective.

I provided her with a sense of peace by crafting a marketing plan full of strategic and tactical elements, such as arranging the following:

  • Strategic conversations with:
    • Senior marketing officials in medium and large companies who provided her the real “skinny” on the day to day workings of what an in-house marketing job really entails.
  • Tactical conversations:
    • Informational interviews at 10 target employers so she could gain internal advocates to access the hidden job market.

After working together for 2 months, Chris emerged from an uneasy professional to a confident employee at Expedia, much faster than she thought possible.

Great Job Chris! 

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