My client was referred to me by a close friend.  My friend knew I could help.

My new client had gotten off track, having gone into a non-financial services’ related position after a history in financial services.

Hey, we all need to put money on the table!  I took a cold calling job in legal services just to pay the bills.

She was frustrated she could not return to her roots

I enrolled her in my Job Accelerator Program where I focused attention on telling her story of why she chose non-financial services as her last job and why she wanted to return to her background.

Everyone has a story to tell.  However, if you don’t tell it right, your story becomes a liability instead of an asset.


I learned about who my client truly was, on the inside.

We practiced mock interviews on the different transitions she had made and the reasons why.

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I helped her talk about her transitions as a journey to get to the job she was seeking

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