My client had been a marketing executive his whole life, really successful.

However, at the age of 40 “something”, he ran smack dab into age bias.  You can be incredibly qualified, but many companies don’t like us “older folks”.

He was so Frustrated It Was Taking So Long to Land

I enrolled him in my Job Accelerator Program where I focused attention on telling his story of how he has maintained his marketing edge through his professional and personal experiences, certifications he has received, and following all the right trends in technology.

Everyone has a story to tell.  I’m a storyteller!


We used his age to his advantage since he knew how to run teams, projects, work with the C-Suite, investors, boards, etc.

I didn’t even try to hide his age on his resume.  I simply helped him demonstrate his value add, and his current employer snapped him up.

Through my Job Accelerator Program, He Landed Much Quicker Than He Thought He Would!

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