Career Discovery

Cost: $3,999

2 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Calls

In career discovery, we spend time actually talking with each other to understand your work history and goals

Preliminary Career Discovery Grid

Based on your unique background and goals, we create a career discovery grid to outline all the possible roles and industries from which you can satisfy your job search goals

Reverse Interview Preparation, Execution, and Follow-Up

Mike sets up networking calls with his personal network so you can speak with professionals doing the actual jobs we have identified for you (Reverse Interviews)

Mike will fully prepare you for these calls and help you get answers to any questions including:

  • Compensation
  • Skills gap
  • Title
  • Age bias
  • Career gap
  • Timeframe to get a new job
  • Anything

2 x 30-minute reverse interview follow-up calls

Compensation Discovery

You can bet your future employer knows your compensation.  If you don’t, you are leaving serious money on the table. We help you maximize your base, bonus, etc.

We will pinpoint your exact compensation before you negotiate with employers. Take control!

Final Career Discovery Grid

After conversations with members of my network, we will narrow down your choices so you have a tangible goal that’s not up in the air.

Now you have the confidence to move forward in your job search and waste less time.


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