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Hello Steve Smith,

I have prepared this custom web page for you and ABC Company.

Please take a moment to review this key information. I look forward to speaking further with you, exploring our business opportunities and providing valuable information to your associates who are currently or soon may be exploring new employment opportunities.

“Our Private Career Coaching Accelerator Program™ (CCAP) is best suited for C Level executives, Technology professionals, Finance, and High Ticket Sales and support level personnel.

These individuals specifically seek out our specialized level of confidential and exclusive engagement. Consulting with these high earners, helping guide their career directions and teaming them with our CCAP network results in successful placements best suited for each individual client.”

– Mike

Michael Mittleman
Operating Partner
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Appropriate professional-level finder fees are fully integrated into our CCAP™ system.

Sample Client List & Areas of Specialization

Corporate Technology Investment Banking Consulting Asset Management Private Equity Other
Nestle Google Goldman Sachs McKinsey Prudential Thomas LEe Sirius XM
Procter & Gabmle Facebook Bank of America ML Booz Allen Fidelity KKR Adobe
Burger King Amazon Morgan Stanley Deloitte Blackrock Blackstone Bloomberg
Mercedes Benz Apple JP Morgan EY PIMCO Apollo GE Capital
Novartis Lyft Credit Suisse PwC Invesco TPG Lockheed Martin
Meredith IBM Watson Evercore Navigant MetLife Ares PepsiCo

Levels Of Engagement, Services and Prices for your associates.

Activity Bronze Silver Gold
Complete resume rewrite
Optimize LinkedIn profile – suggestions for 100% rewrite
Cover letter essentials
Discuss job search strategy and execution
Networking essentials
Mock formal interviews
Salary discussion and discovery
1-hour check in call 1x/month until client secured employment
Total Program Admission TBD TBD TBD

Request A Meeting

I like to begin with arranging a phone or video meeting with you.  All communication is strictly confidential.  Please let me know a convenient time and I will send you details and a calendar invite.

Here is what I would like to discuss:

  • The business and financial benefits to your company.
  • The private, professional services delivered to your group or individual associates.
  • How we track performance and results so you are up to date on all aspects of the CCAP™ Program