Accelerator Packages

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Strategic Career Direction
Customized Strategic Career Plan
Career Goals
Identify Career Paths
Strategic Networking Calls
Follow Up to Strategic Networking Calls
Calls With Mike’s Connections
5 Calls
Best In Class Examples
Resume Evaluation
Target Job Description Evaluation
3 Versions
5 Versions
7 Versions
Resume Discussion
HR Systems (ATS)/Keyword Analysis
Pick from Resume Templates
Final Optimized Resume
2 Versions
2 Versions
3 Versions
Job Performance Evaluation
Best In Class Profiles
Importance of SEO vs. Content
Optimization Recommendations
Post Changes LinkedIn Evaluation
Optimizing Settings to Attract Recruiters
Profile Visibility Optimization
Secrets to Building Network
Cover Letter & Thank You Emails
Cover Letter Template
Sample Cover Letter
Thank You Note Template
Sample Thank You Note
Review Client Cover Letter
1 Version
3 Versions
Review Client Thank You Notes
1 Version
3 Versions
Hidden Job Market
Network Evaluation
Networking Hierarchy
Leveraging Close Connections / 1st Connections
Leveraging LinkedIn 2nd Connections
Leveraging University & Corporate Alumni
Informational Interview Calls
Adding Your Personal Connections to LinkedIn
LinkedIn Groups
Trade Associations
Access to Mike’s Personal Network
Interview Preparation
Discussion of Best Practices
Most Common Questions
Unusual Questions
Recorded Mock Interview Sessions
3 Hours
5 Hours
Evaluation of Mock Interview Sessions
Follow up to Interviews
3rd Party Industry Expert Mock Interview
1 Hour
Refer a client, put 20% of their fee back in your pocket
Weekly Live Group Q&A
Salary Negotiation Techniques
1 Hour Call Once/Month Until You Get a Job