Image of change reversed

My client was successful marketing executive, climbing the corporate ranks

Problem is when you climb so high, the world smacks you for your age (50 is old?)

He never had the title “Senior Change Manager”; however, he did the job for most of his last 10 years.

HOWEVER…How do You Get “The” Job when You Never Had “The” Title?

I enrolled him in my Job Accelerator Program where I first focused attention on discussing why he wanted to be a change manager.

After he showed me 5 change management job descriptions, I envisioned how to target his resume, LinkedIn profile, and most importantly, his internal and external dialogue to “become” the title.

We mock interviewed where I laser pointed his answers to demonstrate the skills a senior change manager needs

He landed 3 months earlier than he thought!

Everyone has a story to tell.  I’m a storyteller!

You Can Now Call Him “Senior Change Manager”

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