Welcome to part 1 of a 5 part series on how to deal with the impending recession.  Part 1 discusses getting closer to your “clients”.  The remaining parts will cover… check in each week to find out!

I offer gratitude to my dear friend Bruce for the inspiration for this series.

I have no idea when the recession will hit, how long it will last, or what the true impact will be on the job market.

For we who lived through the 2002/2003 recession, the parallels are here.

  • I am worried; so are investors since Apple is down 10% today
  • In a world where almost anyone can raise money, but few can spend it wisely, beware
  • Machine algorithms don’t care about 1,000 point swings or your college bills

You can’t recession proof your job search unless you are Bill Gates; for the rest of us, lets’ work at it.

Get closer to your “clients”

We all have clients.

  • External
  • Internal

Clients are the money, the power, the center of action.

When I was in banking, I knew the client deal team cold, down to what gentlemen’s club they liked and what drink was their favorite (Casino Royale/Johnnie Walker Black Label with a twist).

For the record, I never liked those places; I just pretended to.

What should I have done?

  • LinkedIn with diverse members of my client’s power base, written or assumed
  • Asked my client if they could bring business unit heads to our dinners
  • Sent thank you notes to client non-deal team members when I “touched” them and had a good experience
  • Started getting to know other people in my company through sharing a quick sandwich over lunch

Do, do anything but nothing!

You can only change you.  Took me 52 years to get that.

Change means you need to put down more roots and grow.

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