Aesthetics and content rule the day since the average reader will spend no more than 12 seconds on your resume.  Clear and crisp.  5 reasons why this resume simply works.

Tag Line

Business Intelligence Executive | IT Strategy and Execution.  You know exactly how to bucket this professional.  There is no ambiguity.  If you don’t want to bucket yourself, too bad.  Readers will do this bucketing automatically.  So, if you have multiple buckets, have multiple versions of your resume.

Select Accomplishments 

Professional summaries chocked full of buzzwords in a paragraph format simply won’t be read.  At least not when the reader has no more than 12 seconds to read your resume (2nd mention).  We have chosen 3-4 bullets that display all the main skills necessary for the next job. Skills for the next job, NOT what you think are your greatest skills.

Notice the multiple metrics of dollar savings, team and vendor management, and reference to working with business units.  So well rounded!

That’s it.  Now the reader has 90% of what they need to decide whether to keep reading.


Notice how the first position is broken down by themes, highlighted in bold. See:

  • Driving Insights
  • Developing IT Strategy
  • Work Cross Functionally
  • Provide Leadership

Bullets and sub-bullets now flow within each theme.  That’s effective communication!

Bullet/Sub-Bullet Structure

Please, please, please never have more than 4 bullets/sub-bullets in a row.  The human eye stops reading a list after the number 4 (sometimes 3). The reader has no more than 12 seconds (3rd mention) and will skip bullets 5-whatever. Sub-bullets are a perfect way to respect the reader’s attention, since the reader has the option to learn more by reading a manageable number of sub-bullets.

Education at the End

Never at the beginning unless you are currently an undergrad.  Never.  I went to 2 pretty fancy Ivy League schools (thanks Mom/Dad).  However, nobody really cares once you have been in the workforce 3+ years. Your high GPA? Your advanced Finance Class? Your semester abroad in Copenhagen? Nobody cares!

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