You’ve heard of it, haven’t you?  You do yoga, inside or outside, and baby goats walk around and on you.  Key word is “on you”.

Applying for positions on “job boards and company websites” are the goats.  I bet if you are looking for a job right now, the goats are winning, and you have not had a lot of callbacks.

This is today’s picture of me, in child pose, with two goats on top.

Well, one on top and one with their private parts in my face.

  • Seems like how I have felt while applying online.

Don’t worry, we can turn the tables on them!!

The goats are really cute and alluring, leading you to submit your resume online every day for that job you fit so well.  You tell your spouse how many jobs you have applied for today, and he/she is happy.

Honestly, are the sexy sounds of Scylla and Charybdis’ sirens calling you (whoops, switched analogies); can you hear them?

Let’s Get you a Job 1-3 Months Faster!!

3 reasons why you can tame the goats and speed you to your next job:

  1. You have the power not to engage with the goats in favor of networking
    • Hop on LinkedIn and start connecting with potential employees of target employers that you share some commonality
      • No commonality?  I don’t buy it, and neither do my clients
      • You have so many more potential connections than you thought possible (topic for another blog)
    • See my Blogs Networking: The Only Way and The #1 Job Search Tool
  2. If you do engage with the goats, minimize your time spent with them
    • Spend no more than 10-20% of your precious job search time
    • More importantly see #1 above
  3. If you do engage, then adjust your expectations that the process will be smelly and painful
    • Go in with the expectation that the chances of getting a job from job boards are about 5-10%
    • Of all my clients, 6% have succeeded with this method
    • More importantly see #1 above

Take back the power the goats have on you and Network, Network, Network!

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