Sorry, not talking about the three page resume.  That is not a myth, but a golden rule.  Disagree?  Let me know.

However, there is a “how to get a job” myth for your resume that most people hold dearly without even realizing it.

Let’s say your job has many different responsibilities:

  • You may be a portfolio manager but participate often in business development activities.
  • You may be a software developer but also spend a lot of time on hiring and training; maybe you are an expert on “how to interview” and have other similar interview skills.

Many of us spend about 50-70% of our time on one main responsibility, with the remainder spent in many other capacities.

The biggest resume myth is that you must spend most of your job description bullets on the job activities you do the most.

Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are in sales but spend 25% of your job on say data analysis and really want to pursue a data analysis job, why not make data analysis 75% of your bullets.  A resume is a marketing document first and foremost albeit with an implied legal underpinning.

Tell you a little secret.  Employers hire for skills and not experience.

Be proud of any significant skills you have and let the resume bullets fly!

Get the pun-bullets fly/picture of ghost above, orange color words, Halloween!  Am available for stand up comedy by night and career coaching by day.

Don’t get me wrong, if you spend 5% of your time on say budgeting but 90% of your bullets on the same, that crosses the line.

Where is the line crossed?  That depends on you and your career coach.

In summary, once you de-link the concept of time and resume geography , a whole new world opens up.