Welcome to Part 4 of our 5-Part series on how to improve your job search from home, in your sweats, without killing your kids or spouse. If it’s too late for that, keep reading anyway.

In Part 1 we discussed linking in with as many relevant people as possible to get 1st and 2nd connections.  In Part 2 we highlighted blogging for thought leadership.  In Part 3 we cautioned against consuming too much social media. Now we turn to identifying your “value add”.

Part 4: Identify your value add

The biggest issue my clients have is that they aren’t in touch with what makes them truly special. They cannot easily clarify what they can do better than most of their colleagues. How can you have a truly successful job search if you can’t figure out what you’re selling?

Don’t think you have anything special to offer? Think harder.

What if you could walk into an interview and give real answers to the questions asked? (more below)

Think about why you buy the products you buy. Amazon is one-click to almost anything. Trader Joe’s is about great food at a relatively low price. Starbucks sells “community” dressed up as coffee or maybe just great coffee.

Job search is nothing more complicated than selling yourself. During this period in our lives, take a step back and really ponder

  • What do I do better than almost anyone else?
  • What have colleagues told me that I really do well?
  • What about work do I really enjoy (“vacation” is not allowed)
  • Where do I really want to be in 5 years? (not the interview answer, the real answer)
  • Is my job giving me some level of monetary and ethical rewards?

Flip it around and ask what I hate about my job. Keep the list to under 500 bullets though!

Think about the greatest accomplishments of your career. Again, not the interview answer, the real answer.

Take the top ten interview questions from LinkedIn Talent Solutions “30 behavioral interview questions” and make two lists:

  • List A: the answers you give in an interview
  • List B: the real answers you may need to think about

Hopefully, there is some overlap. If not, please see a therapist, engage in serious meditation, or start a dedicated yoga practice.

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