You might be saying to yourself “It’s summer. Flowers are in bloom.  Kids are home.  Job market stinks.  I should just punt the summer and begin my look after the elections.  After all, few companies will hire between now and then anyway.”

No way, unless you have a $100 million trust fund.

First, not all the above is true.  I have at least a half dozen clients that have received offers since COVID began. The job market is slow, but it does exist.

However, let’s even assume all your thoughts are true. You should still not shut down.  Do you know what happens if you don’t run your car’s air conditioner in the winter a few times? Frozen or damaged wires in Spring.  Out of favor does not mean out of mind.  When I stop jogging for more than a month, it takes my 54-year-old body about 3-6 months to get back to where I was.

Statistics show it will take a professional, on average, 1 month for each year they have been employed to find a job.  For you 10-year professionals, that means 10 months. Do you want to start your 10 months now or in November?

Please don’t try to estimate hiring trends from job postings.  Job postings, as I have discussed many times in the past, are a head fake.  National job trends apply to the masses, not an individual.

Shake yourself out of your slumber:

  • Create a resume which allows you to control your narrative
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Network, network, network

Don’t stop until you have that $100 million trust fund.

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