Independent of your field or title, you must show your value add to a potential employer.  An interviewer has in the front of his/her mind “Why am I talking to you?,” “What can you do for my organization?,” or the ultimate interviewer mental thought: “If I hire you, how will you help me advance my career?”

Not Value Adds

The following spoken or written words do not show your value add:

  • Hard worker
  • Analytical
  • Great at consultative sales
  • Long history of managing teams
  • Ability to pick up complex topics quickly

The common theme for the above is that everyone claims to have them.  If everyone has them, you have effectively said “I breathe.” The words also mean nothing without context.  Show that you have a long history of managing teams by stating “Have managed 5 separate teams and teams-of-teams consisting of over 50 senior and mid-level professionals from the IT, finance and operations areas.”

Yes Value Add

You must demonstrate that what you bring to the table is more than the next job seeker.  If you don’t know your value add, please read this article published by Kat Boogaard in the

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