This blog addresses the only question you need to ask as you start your interview.

Please don’t be fooled!  You do not know the job you’re interviewing for just because you read the job description.  Or spoke to HR. Or spoke to your buddy who set up the interview.

Job descriptions get outdated; company’s thoughts change; you “interpreted” and could have been wrong.


Asking the secret question to give you a ROADMAP of how to answer any subsequent question

The secret:

“Could you share with me the job skills necessary for this position?”

Gee, I wish I had a roadmap before getting married!  I know my ex wishes she had one!! 

Oh, you have learned, incorrectly, that your chance to ask questions comes at the end.  Wrong!

You have prepared, psyched yourself up, got that “tell me about yourself” question down pat.

However, if you don’t ask this question up front, you may very well be answering questions for the wrong job!

Every show up to a Halloween Party dressed like “Gumby” to then learn that the plans changed?  Now it is a wake

Hm.  Gumby to a wake



By asking this simple question, without interrupting your interviewer, you bring yourself up to date!

All, and I mean all your subsequent answers should then reflect the incredible “you”, the you that dialogues about examples of your skills that match their needs.

You don’t have the “up to date” job skills?  Admit it; but tell them what you can do to help them!